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OYEZTODAY at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law offers you the latest information and media on the current business of the Supreme Court of the United States. OYEZTODAY provides: easy-to-grasp abstracts for every case granted review, timely and searchable audio of oral arguments + transcripts, and up-to-date summaries of the Court's most recent decisions including the Court's full opinions. You will have access to all this information on your iPhone with the ability to share reactions on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. (Recordings of opinion announcements from the bench will follow when the Court releases these files to the National Archives at the start of the Court's next Term).
Chicago-Kent is proud to provide this free service to enhance the public's understanding of the Supreme Court and current legal controversies.

It is possible to select an entire 'turn' (a 'turn' is every consecutive segment uttered by a speaker). Simply tap the clip icon at the bottom right of a transcript, then tap & hold your finger on a speaker name. Suppose you want to clip an advocate's opening statement. Tap the clip icon, then tap and hold your finger on the advocate name above the statement, which may contain several consecutive segments. Observe that all segments have been selected; they will be merged into a single audio clip.